Demo Submission Guidelines

Winter Solace is NOT actively looking for new artists to sign, however if people are inclined to send me something to look at, please note the following criteria.

1. Winter Solace is only interested in Ambient/Atmospheric Black Metal, Pagan Black Metal, Psychedelic Black Metal, Experimental or Black Metal influenced by the Scandinavian styles with similar themes to the previous releases. Indigenous, Militant, Raw Black Metal styles are looked at on a case by case basis. Bands from Central/South America are only looked at if they can provide references from other European/American companies. I do not release Death Metal, DSBM, or anything explicitly Satanic. Industrial, Noise and Techno/Electronic releases are not being considered at this time.

2. I will not press an LP release for anybody who hasn’t been given a CD release by Winter Solace before. Demo tape releases have also been discontinued due to low interest.

3. Splits are limited to only two bands and will not be given LP releases or priority.

4. Currently the turnaround time for a release is 8 to 12 months, Winter Solace moves very slowly and is not for the impatient.

Bands are only given a long term deal depending on how the first release goes.

Send online submissions only to

Classified Ads

I have a need to have on retainer, contact information for the following individuals. I currently pay people to do these functions however we have more work than we can handle so outside help is usually always needed.

Mastering Technicians – Price is dependent on job, equipment & skill level. Some jobs we pay in prices per track, others it’s hourly/entire job. Send an email to with information.

Graphic Designers

send online submissions/portfolio links only to

1. Merch Designer – Must be based in the USA, the only work you’ll be paid to design is merch. Will require references/examples of previous work.

2. CD/LP Layouts – Paid per job, Baseline price is $50 (this is also the most I’m willing to pay for most jobs) per job. Must be able to prove you have Adobe Photoshop and some proficiency with it.

3. Sketch Artists/Album Cover Artwork – send portfolio links, ideally I only buy artwork already made. Commission work is also possible. Looking for people to either generate art with AI, Painting, etc. I do not need people to draw demonic artwork.

For 2 & 3 individuals in Latin America or South America are discouraged from applying and if you’re interested I’ll require contact information of a recent American/European client.