September 6th 2016

New releases out now, due to the label being in a bad financial situation trades for these will be handled at a later time.


Solace232 - Granatus/Death In Eden "The Preaching Of Satanic War" Sample
Solace233 - Satan 88/Death In Eden "Rassenkrieg Angriff" Sample
Solace234 - Granatus "Cura Vitoriosa" Sample
Solace235 - Granatus "Southern Wolf" Sample
Solace236 - Granatus/Infectorem Slag "Os Conquistadores Do Tridimensional Evolutivo" Samples: IS Granatus
Solace237 - Granatus "Maximvs" Sample
Solace238 - Granatus/Goblin SS "Italo-Pavlistarvm Kommando" Goblin SS Granatus
Solace239 - Granatus "Psicose 88" Sample
Solace240 - Granatus "Victory Of My Old Blood" Sample
Solace241 - Sadomaso Control "Shouted Corrisve Orgasm! Malignant Control 666!" Sample

The musical entity of Granatus is simply maddening. In the past years bands such as Granatus, Satan 88, Gloriosa Bandeira NS, Death in Eden, Sadomaso Control and an assortment of other projects have followed down the strange path forged by bands such as Via Dolorosa and Tank Genocide into a dark realm within the NSBM framework that is simply unfathomable to people, be them inside or outside the spectrum. Vomiting out batches of DIY releases at a rate more akin to Sun Ra and The Arkestra then their black metal counterparts at a number up to or over 50 a year per project, splits with a revolving door of random people, using cell phones to record demos, sound sheets of raw productions, and being unable to comprise their strange aesthetic this whole group of bands is something that somehow has managed to make something original in all of this. Inverted raw NSBM music that completely disregards any rules and norms of the genre in favor of a new creation parallel to the Afrofuturist/Free Jazz movement of the 50's and 60's for the tortured anti-capitalist right wing pagan youth of today.

To the surprise of no one, Jarl von Hagall has labeled these bands, this label and other people associated with it a “circus” and calling for a boycott of this materials in his social media. The projects in this group from Brazil have been made the victim of a smear campaign by people that have leftist ties both online and in their homeland. People who have listened to this materials with any understanding of music theory/composition have labeled the instrumentation as some of the most minimal they have ever experienced. My customers however have spoken, purchasing these Cdrs and other materials at rates faster then any other product I've ever stocked. I myself do not fully understand what has happened here but have welcomed this controversial group of artists to this label as they have found a way to advance a sub genre that reached it's musical apex years before I came along. This batch of 10 tapes will be the first in a long line of collaborations between myself and this union of bands that will be rejected now but someday, maybe be understood.

Solace242 - Maus "Demo I" Full Stream
Solace243 - Maus "Demo II" Full Stream

Raw NSBM from Nevada reissued for world wide distribution. A thick heavy sound blending the golden age of USBM with a modern right wing edge.

SolaceCD016 - Strike Force 28 "Africa - Pilgrimage To Redemption"

Debut album of Strike Force 28 on CD. NS Techno songs/spoken word tracks about their pilgrimage to Africa.

Sample Tracks: Whitest Moor Transnistrian Thunder


Tapes & CDs

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Der Strumer "The Blood Calls For W.A.R." (Used single copy of the recent reissue) $12