OUT NOW! Solace209 - Lösung Krieg "Our Reich Shall Be Victorious"

Demo tape done in the old fashion.

Sample track: Blitzkrieg

$5 USD + Postage

OUT NOW! SolaceCD017 - NS Ninja "LOL! You Can't Handle The Truth! ^_^"

Limited to 100 pcs

$5 USD plus postage.

SolaceCD023 - Cosmic Weapon of Thule "Aryan Unity"

Exerp of 60+ minute track

Hypnotic new age electronic music and the follow up to the debut album "NS Techno" now back again as a pro diamond CD. The artwork has been properly replicated to the CD and also printed as an 8 page booklet is the original manifesto, discussing the Lunar Atlantist religion and the idea of a "spiritual racewar" among other things.

$7 USD + Postage, edition of 50pcs.

SolaceCD024 - Cosmic Weapon of Thule "Keku-Semau"

Sample Track: Hymn For Kek - God Of Darkness Bringer-In Of Light

CD: 7 USD + Postage, edition of 50pcs.
Tape: 5 USD + postage, Unlimted edition.


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I will license this to any Japanese label interested in making an edition for distribution within that country, write for details. No trades at this time due to not having a distro online right now.


Label will re-launch in late February or March with online web store after many problems.

Winter Solace productions is the Alt Right, the truth shall set you free.