Seeing as many peoples can't understand this I write it again in more detail so somebody else doesn't have some massive tantrum online. The notion that Winter Solace productions is a vehicle for conventional NS black metal is something false. This label represents an alternative right wing political current that the world at present is not ready to comprehend. Aesthetically I run a right wing art collective, black metal is one specific part of what I do. If that bothers you, I really don't care. Yes at one time this label was far more a conventional NS black metal label with 88 in the contact mail and other obvious NS things. In those times I was a child, 17 to 19 years old and there is enough science to prove that the brain doesn't fully develop cognitively until around the age of 25. In those younger days I sought to be one with the pagan front and that image, however obviously such things never came to be. I gave everything to this notion, spending most of my years doing this label living as a hermit hoarding various NS black metal materials. Doing all of these things left me with nothing, the bands that built this label with there tapes in those years aren't here anymore and so I have to rebuild the roster many times again.

I transferred my rage into art, art that I'm the only person in the entire world capable of creating and that was met with even more hostility. In “Wolves Among The Sheep” they would never put me in the American section, choosing instead to reinforce the false image of right wing racial violence that other labels in this country spoon feed to sheep on the Internet. I reject this scene and everything in it. I grow sick seeing bands that were once on this label change their attitudes when this scene finally lets them in. I give these bands everything only to be left broke. The idea of seeing Lord of Depression on stage with Vothana in Chicago and actually meet a vast majority of the people I've known for years would have been a dream come true. Alas someone felt the need to threaten me because I released a band from Malaysia so I decided not to attend. The front-man of a very well known NSBM band chose to slander me and now I'm almost out of business. I write to labels for product and they tell us they aren't interested, Ex-bands are not grateful for what I have done and simply pretend I don't exist, I give people exclusive distribution of my labels titles in Europe only for them to be listed as “on sale” and I get to watch somebody else sell 200 copies of on my labels releases.

Somebody asked me why I still do this in despite all of that and I had no answer for them. I can't stand this music much anymore and obviously shouldn't be running a label until I can return to the proper head space. Due to these reasons and numerous other personal problems I choose to not disclose I have decided to take a sabbatical and the earliest I shall return is January of next year. Some affairs will be dealt with during that time but the label will mostly be dormant with the distro shut down while I decide how best to move forward and in what capacity.