This in audio form was posted with the podcast from 2-20-2021.

Metal-Archives being the CNN of metal music is nothing new, and this newest distorted and completely random hit job by one of there staff only confirms a liberal basis that has been known for sometime. A person who is a confirmed member of the staff there has decided to simply leak to that database information about several releases that was designed to be kept private. As these allegations could potentially be damaging, given the large traffic on Metal-Archives, it's necessary to publish a response to this as I have no legal means to sue this website to get them to redact this information. When I emailed the person who posted this information, I was not given a reply and am still very curious to know what, if anything was his reasoning behind adding this information. It's worth stating the behavior like this is what is completely wrong with black metal today, much of the music discussed here is of consequence to no one and this entire thing is at the lowest level of clown world with everybody having better things to do with their time.

The main issue of concern for this individual is the Blackmoon Warrior "Aryavarta" album and the Blood & Glory rehearsal tape released by the label Fetha Nagast. The label National Socialist Records also comes up. Fetha Nagast & National Socialist Records are not "sub-labels" of Winter Solace, somebody can own multiple labels independent of each other. Fetha Nagast was/is a label created for artistic purposes, and is not meant to release metal music. National Socialist Records is a company I bought after having to pay to finish that labels first CD release, I was going to keep it open to repress music of GBNS, Granatus & other projects on CD format where I have ownership over the music. The person who makes these claims fails to provide any supporting evidence and likely hasn't contacted the people he claims. Much of the information disclosed is stuff designed to be kept private as it just taints the final outcome of the project, and as I never told anybody this information, I'd be very curious to know how exactly this person found this stuff out.

The Fetha Nagast release of Blood & Glory (2&8) "Rehearsal 07.09.2020" was an internet prank limited to 14 copies. The music is question was sampled, not plagiarized (there is a difference) and if the persons behind the band "As Vampiric Shades and Belial Winds" wish to write me about royalty compensation for there music being repressed in edition of 14 copies, then they are free to do so. Plans to reprint this demo are now canceled. It's entire release was simply an internet prank, and I highly doubt anybody actually believes the band is located in Ethiopia. This was released under the label "Fetha Nagast" to simply be a separate entity and not a reflection of Winter Solace Productions.

I am the legal rights holder of the music being Blackmoon Warrior 88. I was given this by the original composer, (who despite claims made online is not Cruentus) however in order to prove this, I would have to disclose this individuals identity which I am not going to do. The original "Nazi Propaganda" material was stuff I was given permission to reprint by the original composer after that all fell apart years ago, however never did so in favor of focusing on musical projects which are active. In order to compromise with another individual who refused to take no for an answer about repressing a vinyl compilation, I made the album "Aryavarta" by sampling music I legally had the rights to. The company that wanted to release it declined and I simply just released it under Winter Solace (as I had already started the production at the time), like any other release. Due to this type of pathetic drama consistently surrounding the name Blackmoon Warrior 88, the original NPP releases and affiliated projects, any represses are canceled and I being the current rights holder will not authorize any type of license, returning this stuff back to the cursed place it came from.

National Socialist Records as a company is now closed, the release I had for it and the one that is currently at the production plant are simply going to be put into storage until such time as I can find a way to sell them. The Winter Solace incarnation of Blackmoon Warrior is now split-up, with the CDs & tapes for the Aryavarta album simply being put into storage for eventual repacking (rather then simply destroying the release) as a second disc for a Blood & Glory album to written and recorded sometime in 2021. The expected future financial loss of product sales (not manufacturing cost) that I can't now sell or distribute adds up to about $2,000 USD. Anybody who purchased one of these CDs from me, or distributors no longer interested in stocking it can contact me about a exchange/replacement.

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