In regards to "Wolves Among The Sheep", the written publication designed to explain National Socialist Black Metal to normal people (similar to the failure known as Lords of Chaos) that as of 2021 is now out of print. It is necessary to republish the original response I had written about this book in 2017 again, with revisions of my own to provide context to the entirely unauthorized portrayal of myself and my labels activities. It is worth stating that when this book was written, and at the time when they took various statements posted on the WS website I wasn't taking the same medication for Anxiety that I take now.

The book in itself is an invaluable resource in regards to the history of NSBM and this posting is not any attempt to take away from that. The history of NSBM should be written out by something not affiliated with the state and I learned things about people I've known for years that I wouldn't have learned otherwise. I am also not attempting to demean any of the people that willingly contributed to the book. My issue is with how the Winter Solace label was portrayed in the book. Despite me having interacted in some capacity with the vast majority of the newer bands they mention in the book, they choose instead to ignore all of that (minus Kaevum) and mention only the NS techno stuff in a back of the book section entitled “Borderline Reality” with enough written down to prove they didn't even bother to make any attempt to understand this label. I was never consulted on any of this, the writers simply went to my website to take whatever information they wanted to create whatever straw-man they wanted. Not shockingly, they took everything out of context, writing out all the stuff we did to troll the narrow minded metal basement warriors of the internet and presenting it as facts anyone would believe. They also imply that this label feels that all of NSBM is too commercial, make several opinions about the music quality of the work and fail to even acknowledge that the label has made several attempts at releasing normal non-political metal recordings. The information stated in the English edition is already 3+ years old, and should not be taken as an official representation of the Winter Solace label.

This book is in itself a fitting example of the type of NSBM being, exploited for entirely commercial means. People in America are paying about $40 USD to buy a book that they can use to “learn how to be NS black metal” for their own purposes. For anyone who is curious in regards to NS Techno and any of the other outsider art ventures of Winter Solace (which have now been moved to other companies), the epitome of all music is an album by The Residents called “Third Reich N' Roll” which came out in 1976. These people were shunned for making press photos with Swastika headdresses and the cover was heavily censored by the democracy of Germany. The work is a noise drenched deconstruction of pop music and full of bizarre random behavior, fictitious band information, music probably made up in 5 minutes which upset a bunch of people upon it's release. This type of inaccessibility is the entire artistic purpose of Winter Solace Productions and all of my own musical projects, which are mostly on inactive now due to the time it takes me to do things related to Winter Solace Productions.

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